Top Three Book Workshop

When a book changes your life, you tell the world.

How would it feel to write a book that your ideal readers consider to be one of their top three favorite books? Not a book they never finish, but one of their favorites sitting on the nightstands beside their beds?

What would it mean to you to have readers line up to talk to you after an event, to tell you how your book changed their life? To hear your colleagues and heroes recommend your book?

The books that truly make an impact on us are the books we review without being asked, the books we give our colleagues and clients, the books we recommend to friends over and over again.

These are the books that compel us to learn more about the author and to find out what else they have to offer.

These are the books that inspire us to follow that author on their journey.

This is the book you will create in the Top Three Book Workshop.

This has been a fantastic experience.”
Gena Cox, Ph. D, Industrial Psychologist and Executive Coach

A life-changing book isn’t written in a weekend.

A top three favorite book wasn’t written from a template or published in 90 days.

But where do you start? Writing a book can be daunting and writing a life-altering book may seem impossible. This is why so many authors rely on cookie-cutter programs, and taking these shortcuts is why so many so many books fall short of their promise.

In the rush to publish, authors cut corners and miss vital opportunities to promote their books and build readership.

You deserve better.

Your readers deserve better.

When you write a life-changing book, your new life begins.

What would it feel like to…

  • Hear from readers that your book was a game changer for them?
  • To get an email that reads, “You helped me save my business” (or marriage, or self)?
  • To look out on a packed room of people waiting to hear your message, knowing that each and every one of them has a story about how your book made their lives better?

What would it mean to you to…

  • Easily fill the seats?
  • To get “yes” after “yes”?
  • To spend more time saying “thank you, that’s wonderful to hear” than you do introducing yourself?

When you commit to writing a “top three” book, you take the first step in creating a new life for yourself, one in which your ideas play a starring role and your readers happily catapult you wherever you want to go next.

Writing and launching a book takes significant effort, and your message is worth that effort. Your future is worth that effort.

You can write a life-changing book.

You want to make the effort, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take it on. It’s not the work that’s holding you back. It’s…

  • All the things you don’t know about writing and publishing.
  • And all the things you don’t know that you don’t know.
  • Doubts about your ideas.
  • Worries that you won’t be able to write well enough to share those ideas.
  • Fears that no one will want your ideas.

Sometimes, these questions, doubts, worries and fears cause authors to settle for less than they and their readers deserve. They decide to “just get your book done,” and then rely on gaming Amazon ratings to gain credibility for a book they know could be better. And, in their rush to publish, they miss crucial marketing milestones.

It can leave authors depleted and disappointed, with a garage full of books.

As a ghostwriter, editor and publishing strategist, I’ve seen this happen too many times to count, and it breaks my heart every time.

You can do this. You just need a strategy that works. You need support and feedback. And instead of pie-in-the-sky promises, you need realistic information that will help you chart the best course for your book.

For almost two decades, that’s what I gave my ghostwriting clients. This is what I currently give my book development clients. And this is what I give to 15 authors in Top Three Book Workshop.

I’ve finally come out from behind the curtain.

I’m AJ Harper, and, though I’ve worked with some of the foremost thought leaders of our time, most people have never heard of me. There’s a reason for that: I was a ghostwriter. I was so stealthy, even my client’s Big Five editors didn’t know about me.

If you have heard of me, it’s probably because you’ve read one of Mike Michalowicz’s books. He’s one of a handful of authors who openly share that I’ve written or co-written their books. Together, Mike and I have written six books, including The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First, Clockwork and our latest book, Fix This Next.

“I’m proud of the six-figure advances I now [command] through working with AJ.”
Mike Michalowicz

I’ve been with Mike since his first book and I’ve seen him grow from a successful entrepreneur with zero followers and a self-published book to a game-changing author with tens of thousands of dedicated followers, Big Five book deals and more than 100 speaking engagements each year. Mike is making a real impact in the world, which he measures, not by book sales, but by the “thank you” emails he gets from readers every single day.

That reality is not a pipe dream. It takes work and time, but it’s doable. You just need to know how the publishing industry works.

As a ghostwriter for clients from newbies to big-deal authors and as an editor with small presses and the Big Five, I have the inside information about writing and publishing your “Top Three” book.

I’ll share all of my knowledge and expertise with you in our next workshop, beginning August 19, 2024.

This workshop can…

  • Help you decide which publishing avenue is best for you and your book: traditional publishing, hybrid publishing or self-publishing.
  • Guide you through the maze of writing and publishing so you avoid dead ends that waste time and money.
  • Help you develop a book you can build a dream on, a life-changing book readers can’t put down, a book readers love.

I’ve worked one-on-one with AJ Harper for several years (she helped me write winning speeches and a knock-out one-woman show) and I know many of her clients, so I was confident that she had deep expertise in book writing, marketing and publishing. She knows her stuff! I had also experienced first-hand her uncanny ability to help even non-professional writers like me get unstuck and produce their best work.

However, as a seasoned training professional, I’m often underwhelmed by courses offered by experts who don’t understand how groups of adults really learn. As it turns out, AJ is among that rare breed of experts who does.

I am amazed at the depth, breadth, quality and practicality of the information and guidance AJ provides in this course without overwhelming the learner. There are multiple ways for people to engage and access the learning. She offers opportunities for people to get individual help. She modifies and enriches the program as needed to accommodate the learners’ needs and preferences.

The caliber and contribution of the other students and the guest experts simply wowed me. The supporting materials are useful, well-organized, to-the-point–no fluff, just the good stuff.

If you are committed to writing a book that makes a difference in the world… register for this course now. You can thank me later.

– Susan Sandler
Theatrical Speaker and Clarity Strategist

When you care enough to write a book that truly changes lives, you bring about all of the changes you want to see in your own life. I’ll show you how.

Top Three Book Workshop is a 14-week LIVE book development and publishing course. It’s open to aspiring and experienced authors at any stage of book development, whether you just have the seed of an idea or a completed first draft. In this class, I’ll walk you through the process I use, and teach my clients, to write remarkable, life-changing books. I’ll also give you an all-access “backstage” pass to EVERYTHING I know about publishing (traditional, hybrid and self-publishing) and marketing your book.

This is NOT a self-directed video course.

This is a WORKSHOP, which means we are in this together.

  • All 20 hours of the trainings are live (online) and recorded for those who can’t make the live training. (Bonus videos are also recorded.)
  • You’ll get homework assignments and, if you turn them in to me, I’ll give you personal feedback to help you refine and uplevel your work.
  • I have built in up to TEN one-on-one sessions with me, plus a session with an accountability coach to help you strategize and bust through blocks. I’ll give it to you straight and hold you up when you falter.
  • I’m keeping the group small — no more than 15 students— so I can focus on your individual progress.
  • I’ve added nine weeks of group writing, led by me and my team, so you can stay focused and on track with getting your manuscript written.
  • I’ve created more than 34 downloadable tools you can use to help you write, publish and market your book.
  • I’ve included ADDITIONAL BONUS SESSIONS with authors and experts from publishing and marketing to give you personal training on licensing and sponsorship, marketing, cover design, and more!
  • I’ve also added an accountability coach, who–in addition to me–will support and cheerlead you through the process. She’s a publishing professional who knows the challenges you face and will be with you each step of the way.
  • You’ll get developmental guidance for up to five chapters of your manuscript if submitted by the end of workshop.
  • I’ve added a bonus video training that has everything you need to know about self-publishing, and an additional video course that is soup-to-nuts, the business of publishing.
  • You’ll have daily email and Facebook support, including lifetime membership to the Top Three Community of authors.
  • Because it’s so important to me that you feel confident publishing your book, I allow students a lifetime audit of the workshop.

“She has a great deal of honesty and integrity. She wants you to be your best and do your best and appeal to your ideal reader.”
Dr. Ngyuen Tom Griggs, Speaker and Leadership Expert

My private clients paid me:

$2,000/hour for coaching and editing
$40,000-60,000 for a developmental edit of their completed manuscript
$75,000+ to help them develop, write, edit, and publish their book

In this course, you have 20 hours of live training where I teach you everything I taught my private clients, as well as up to 10 hours of my time focused solely on you and your book.

When I took private clients, you would pay more than $50,000 just for these two components of the course.

Why am I doing a workshop instead of a video course? Because I want you to get the support and feedback you need so you can pull this off.

This workshop features bonus content with A-list authors. Mike Michalowicz shares his “guerrilla marketing” method that shocked the Big Five publishing houses–they couldn’t figure out how he was so successful. He’s going to share this and more with you, but only if you join the workshop.

 I offer the course for $19,500.

When you register, you have the option to…

Pay In Full

Make 4 Payments

(Pay $4,875 today + 3 monthly payments of $4,875)

Your message is important. If you’re ready to join my workshop, please click the button and send my staff an email. They’ll help schedule a time for us to talk about your book, your goals, and what you can expect from my workshop.

*Note I am unable to talk at length about your book or use this time to answer questions about your writing. This is to discuss your place in my workshop. Thank you!

“The quick version is that her class was amazing.

The longer version with more context from me because I don’t know where you are coming from as to why you want to take the class.  I wanted to take the class because she writes the books with Mike and since I was doing Profit First, it seemed like a no brainer to use her.

I have a tax client who assists authors in writing books and getting them to be an Amazon best seller.  Her service involves talking to a ghostwriter for a few hours and they write the book from you and then they use tactics to work the system to get that Amazon best-seller badge.  I’m also familiar with other programs out there that are geared toward the “writing a book over the weekend” package.  And I’ve had new client give me the “books” they wrote when they come in for meetings. They’re the types of books that you can read in about 20 minutes because there is so much fluff and zero value.  Makes me feel icky inside.

Then I take AJ’s class and she taught a better way.  She taught a higher way.  And I knew INSTANTLY it was a nobler way because of how she starts you with the reader’s profile which you saw at the AuthorUpLive event.  You start answering those questions and then talk to AJ about your answers. Then she starts pulling even more gold nugget knowledge bombs out.  She guides you to start from the very beginning truly thinking about your reader instead of the gross “other” approaches so many try to short cut.

There were many times as a busy (often over scheduled) business owner that I would look at the number of classes and think there is no way she is going to be able to make each of these sessions worth my time.  She just gave me her best stuff in week one.  Nope.  That was not the case.  She delivered each week.  I had zero knowledge about the book industry and each session there was more she taught me.  After the course, I feel like I know more about the industry that some people I know personally who have written multiple books.  And the most important aspect of that is that I know a better way to write and deliver a book, because she teaches you how your book can make a real difference.  And I only want to do something if it’s going to make a real difference.

I think if you believe in your message, that it can change lives, there isn’t a better option out there than to take her class.

~John Briggs, Author of Profit First for Micro-gyms

No false hope or empty promises.

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me rant about offers and packages that mislead authors about costs, timelines and outcomes. So, let me be clear: I can’t promise you’ll finish your book in 14 weeks. A few of you might finish a first draft, but most of you won’t. The creative process takes time, and sometimes life gets in the way. Some of you may not even be ready to start writing yet. I can’t promise your book will be a bestseller (unless you want to game Amazon, which is easy and you can pull it off without much effort). And I can’t promise you’ll earn six figures from this or that opportunity generated from becoming an author. What I CAN promise you is that you will learn the truth about what it takes to make it as an author and you will learn how to write a life-changing book.

Some students come in with an idea, some with a first draft, some with a few chapters. I meet authors where they are and create a custom plan to help them meet their goals for workshop.

It’s important to note that my students have forever access to the content and recordings, as well as forever membership in our online community and to our four daily writing sprints (weekdays). Alums are also permitted to audit all future workshop sessions and bonus sessions, free of charge.

I’ve put together a few highlights of the course here. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to…

  • Develop a message and promise that compels your ideal reader to buy your book–and read it!
  • Establish an intimate connection with readers from the very first page that compels them to FINISH reading the book AND take action.
  • Create an outline that meets your ideal readers where they are, establishes trust and empowers your readers to stay the course.
  • Organize content and gather new content in an efficient way that saves time and avoids frustration.
  • Conduct interviews to get the best narrative content and social proof.
  • Avoid info dumps and decide which parts of your personal story to share with readers, where to put them and how best to tell them.
  • Market your book while you’re writing it.
  • Take your book to the next level with tried and true editing strategies.
  • Come up with a REALISTIC budget and timeline that allows you to produce a stellar quality book and hit every milestone–including those “insider” deadlines most authors don’t know about.
  • Balance a smart, targeted marketing plan that gets results.

“You couldn’t ask for a better person and partner to
help you as you’re writing your book.”

Susan Lynch-Barber, Executive Leadership Coach

“I feel so hopeful now that I’m going to hit that finish line and
create a book that’s really worth reading.”

Linda Ugelow, Transformational Speaking Coach

If you have a message that can truly change lives, I want to help you get that message out to as many people as possible.

I want to give you all the inside information—all the knowledge I gained working behind the curtain as a ghostwriter and as an editor with newbies, big-deal deal authors, small presses and the Big Five. I want to inspire you to think of yourself as more than a 30-day book published in 60 days, more than a one-day Amazon bestseller, more than a book only a few hundred people read.You’re better than that. And you don’t have to go it alone.

  • You deserve a great editor, a great cover, a decent distributor. You deserve readers. You deserve fans. But you have to commit to giving readers the best you can give them.
  • Commit to a higher standard, to writing that book that is so loved, it ends up dog-eared, underlined and highlighted.
  • Commit to writing a book that readers keep forever and recommend to friends and colleagues.
  • Commit to writing an actionable, inspiring, entertaining book that truly changes lives… and your life will change, too.
  • Commit to writing a top three book.

Your book can make it to someone’s “top three” list, or it can end up on the garage sale “free” table.

The choice is yours.

I’ve known a lot of ghostwriters, but I’ve never known one who knows the (publishing) business like AJ does.-Michael Port
NY Times bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show, Chairman of Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide

You can write a book that people rave about. I’ll show you how.

When you register, you have the option to…

Pay In Full

Make 4 Payments

(pay $4,875 today + 3 monthly payments of $4,875)

Your message is important. If you’d like to join my workshop, please click the button and send my staff an email. They’ll help schedule a time for us to talk about your book, your goals, and what you can expect from my workshop.

*Note I am unable to talk at length about your book or use this time to answer questions about your writing. This is to discuss your place in my workshop. Thank you!

Your readers are waiting…