One-on-One Book Mentorship Sessions
In 30- to 60-minute sessions, explore how to:

  • Develop custom project plans based on your vision, goals and resources.
  • Map out a publishing path (writing, marketing and publishing timeline)
  • Develop game-changing book concept and content.
  • Nail down your core message, ideal reader and key teaching points.
  • Get answers to questions about publishing, writing, editing, and platform development.
  • Create a book proposal.
  • Write the book and stay the course.

Investment: $2,000/hour with exclusive discounted rates for Top 3 and Heroic Public Speaking alums


Some projects require longer focus than an individual or sporadic, weekly one-on-one time. With your 72-hour in-advance-submission prior to our live, virtual session, you’ll have four hours of direct work on your project with me. We’ll work together for two-and-a-half hours, take a break, and then work a final two-and-a-half hours. Pre-submission is crucial so that we can be targeted on our call.

Investment: $12,000


Complete Developmental Edit

Upon your completed manuscript submission, three 60-minute mentorship sessions include:

  • One initial call, one post-evaluation edit, and one final call after author implemented suggested changes.
  • Complete manuscript evaluation.
  • Detailed editorial letter (written recommendations re: core message, key teaching points, structure, tone, narrative, and accessibility/readability).
  • Revised manuscript with line edits (tracked changes and comments).*
  • Second review of author’s revised manuscript; additional notes provided, as necessary.

Investment: $40,000 – $60,000

Payment: $10,000 deposit; remaining payments determined by duration of project. As of October 2018, I will no longer be offering this service outside of workshop attendants.

*Note: A line edit is a high-level, first-round edit. It is not a copy edit.


Book Development and Project Management

This service is for authors in the early stages of writing a book. AJ will see you through the process from start to finish.

  • Meet to clarify your goals for the book, set up a shared workspace and discuss the year ahead and any time constraints you may have.
  • Identify ideal reader, all while developing and outlining a core message, promise of the book, and key teaching points.
  • Identify content you will need to gather, such as case studies, data or stories.
  • Receive a detailed timeline for writing, publishing and marketing your book.
  • You will send me content according to the schedule. I will send you feedback the following week, which will include clarifying questions, suggestions for additional content and notes about tone.
  • Upon first draft is completion, receive a “page one” (from start to finish) developmental edit. I will also walk you through the editing process.
  • Respond to edits and revise, and then you will send the book out for reader feedback. I will assist you with any necessary final revisions.
  • I will oversee the production phase, pulling together your self-publishing team (cover designer, interior page designer/typesetter, copy editor, proofreader) from the pool of publishing industry veterans I have worked with for years. Hiring decisions are up to you, and you will pay team members directly.
  • Gain advice about sales and distribution options, helping you get your book to market.
  • Obtain and evaluate quotes from trusted printers.
  • Meet with me to discuss your platform and marketing plan. I will refer you to you to some of the best experts for implementation.

Investment: $75,000

Payment: $20,000 deposit; remaining payments determined by duration of project (typically 9-12 months).

Currently, 2020 is booked out.